FOUR fields to choose from!

Open dates will be scheduled throughout the season, please make sure to stay tuned to our home page and Facebook for updates.

Groups will also be able to rent out both of our fields for exclusive access any day of the week, for more details please call the office at (716) 418-7223 for details!

Pricing is as follows:

$35 for full rentals including:

  • Tippmann 98 Marker
  • Mask
  • Hopper Rental
  • 100 GI Sportz 1 Star Paintballs
  • Two hours of field play
  • Compressed Air Fill
  • Everyone who plays at the Holland Paintball Adventure Park will also receive a free ticket to the Holland Motorsports Complex ($12 value). *Only applicable during summer months*
$15 all day field admission for players with their own equipment

Please note that our free admission passes do not include rentals or paintballs.

Miscellaneous Items

  • Holland Paintball Adventure Park T-Shirts: $12
  • Coverall - White or Camo: $9
  • Tippmann 98 Marker Rental Only: $15
  • Tippmann Mask Rental Only: $5
  • Tippmann Mask Purchase: $21
  • Barrell Blocker: $5

Holland Paintball Adventure Park paintballs must be used, the Park uses a specially designed Valken Field Paintball.

  • 500 Paintballs: $25
  • 100 Paintballs: $10

Compressed Air
Compressed Air will be free to individuals with the full rental package.

  • Compressed Air Tank Rental: $5
  • All Day Compressed Air Fills: $5


  • 140 Round Pod for purchase: $5
  • Chest Protector Rental: $5 
  • Chest Protector Purchase: $25.95
  • 2 Pod Harness Rental: $5 
  • 2 Pod Harness Purchase with pods: $19.95
  • Food and beverage packages available - contact us for details!

All prices include sales tax.

Upgrade Your Rental

Our Upgraded Rentals include the markers below and are available anywhere from $10 to $20 for the day!