Develop Your Team at the Holland Paintball Adventure Park
Transform Your Organization!

What was the last event you planned with your company and did it accomplish what you were looking for? Was it fun? Was it exciting? Was it engaging?

Everyone is looking for that perfect team building opportunity and the Holland Paintball Adventure Park takes it to the next level! There is nothing as uniting as joining together to take on each other in a game of paintball. Employees need to communicate and develop tactics as we present numerous different types of scenarios from elimination games to capture the flag. No time limits!

The best part of the Holland Paintball Adventure Park is you get to put employees into a game that they've heard of but truly never had the opportunity to experience first hand. As opposed to planning your event, we will handle everything from soup to nuts. We have complete state of the art rental equipment including all safety gear. The Holland Paintball Adventure Park also has its own catering and we can handle anything from hot dogs and burgers to steak and lobster!


NEW THIS SEASON: Team Building Tactical Missions

- We now have 4 different pre-made missions for your co-workers and employees to tackle

- Use our Terrain Model Kit  and laminate mission handout and let the mission planning begin!

- Mapping out each mission's plan and carrying it out is highly rewarding and difficult at the same time!



All rentals, admission and 100 paintball - $35*
Admission only - $15* 

  • 500 balls - $25*
  • 100 balls - $10*
*Pricing subject to change